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Luuk Vosters and Edwin Sander enable businesses to practice sustainably with their delicious breakfast workshops. They use amazing food to demonstrate how easy it can be to make ethical choices in daily life. Choices that help us keep ourselves and our environment healthy and balanced.

Luuk Vosters

Luuk Vosters is educated in business sustainability management and has been running his catering business for over 8 years. Today, he aims to raise awareness on the topic of climate change and facilitate positive behavior changes. That is why he helps other companies and organizations achieve their sustainability targets through these breakfast workshops.

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Edwin Sander

The breakfast is prepared by award-winning chef Edwin Sander. Edwin knows how to connect people over food, as he regularly does at his ‘The Morning’ breakfast events which take place at unique locations all over the city of Amsterdam. Edwin uses local, organic seasonal ingredients. By bringing people together and encouraging them to enjoy their food mindfully, he raises awareness on the importance of sustainability.


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