The Workshop

This breakfast-workshop is a very effective tool to incorporate sustainability thinking into a company’s DNA. The morning is the perfect time to come together with a fresh mind and dive into a productive brainstorm. During our breakfast workshops, your staff members will work together to find concrete solutions and action plans to advance sustainability and circularity within your organization.

The starting point

Prior to the workshop, we will briefly get together to map out the current ambitions and efforts to improve sustainability within the organization. The interactive breakfast workshop will be designed to cultivate these sustainability objectives optimally.

Your impact

“How does your work impact the earth and our climate?”
This question is central to the workshop. Together, we will discuss the origin and impact of the ingredients in front of us. We compare the most common eating styles and ask our participants to embrace the challenge: which environmentally conscious choices can they make, both at home and at work? This brings to light the direct link between the food on their plates and their organization’s sustainability goals. By enjoying our consciously chosen ingredients and simultaneously reflecting on their own choices, our participants gain a deeper understanding of the urgency to contribute to a sustainable environment.

New possibilities

At the same time, they discover new possibilities that make this process more manageable. By discussing the most recent studies on climate change and successful circular business models, we inspire them to come up with their own ideas to maximize sustainability within the organization. This is how positive change starts: step by step.

Time for action

By empowering your employees to provide direct output on this subject, we facilitate organization-wide understanding and support of your environmental sustainability vision. During the final part of the breakfast workshop, we jointly convert the output into concrete agreements and action plans that will help the organization quickly achieve its sustainability objectives.

This breakfast workshop is intended for groups of 15-20 participants and lasts 2 to 2,5 hours. The workshop will take place at your office, use of a kitchen is not required.

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