A breakfast workshop that inspires the complete workforce to embrace, contribute and implement your sustainability strategy

Our language of choice is food. A breakfast as a direct inspiration, facilitates interactive conversation. It creates awareness about the opportunities sustainability & circularity offer.

The road to a more sustainable way of doing business starts here!

At A Taste of Sustainability, sustainability is the chef’s specialty. With our breakfast workshops, we turn this green theme into a tasty subject. We strive not only to delight your employees with our carefully selected menu; we also offer our guests a taste of a future-oriented vision. To show the importance of moving toward more climate-neutral ways of doing business, we introduce clear examples of how taking small steps can lead to enormous progress. 

Our interactive workshops inspire and motivate participants to discover innovative methods which contribute to a future-proof organization. These discoveries prompt them to come up with concrete action plans on the spot, helping your organization anticipate the world of tomorrow.

A tasty story

Food connects people and ideas. Our breakfast shows how sustainable practices can be implemented in everyones life, every day – just like your sustainable future goals.

Impactful solutions

In our workshop, we provide the foundations of sustainability – the importance, and what’s at stake – and how your business can make a positive contribution.

Action time

You and your team develop inspiring ideas on how they can bring your strategy to life. Together, we develop an action plan that creates a lasting impact in your company.

Food for thought, right?

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